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A Little About Us...

zzzzzzz.jpg (45182 bytes) The truth is, "us" is actually "me", a one person show I do for fun... But I want that larger web site feeling in a personal web site body. Hey, even on a personal web site, marketing is mostly perception!

Getting down to the basics, this site is simply about collecting, researching, showing and telling wine information I collect and my own personal experiences and opinions on wine to try to help any individual reader to better understand. It's about enjoying wine, recommending wine, tasting wine, storing wine, making wine, wine technology, and more.   I'll be sharing my own discovery path along the way and hope to show it doesn't take an expert or a lot of dedication to discover what you like in wine.

I urge all visitors that if they do drink, please drink responsibly.

A Little About the Wine Cellar Times Philosophy...

If something is less than satisfactory, it probably won't be talked about it here. And if we do, remember that everything here is just a single perspective, our own personal opinions as it were. Other information, referenced or otherwise, from other sources, is their opinion, so if there is a problem, take it up with them, I take no responsibility for that. It's not meant to be slander or defamation, it's meant to be an opinion.

BUT! I'd rather promote what I think is really good than whine about something bad... Enjoy the enthusiasm, why worry about promoting things worthy of your time and attention! I'm certainly not getting paid for this, not yet anyway, so the opinions here are simply that. This just allows me to research, enjoy, and write about wine! Why? It's fascinating stuff!

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What Isn't Here:

This site is not a retailer. It's completely independent and tries hard to be unbiased in all cases.

Industry Associations:

None so far...

Visitor Comments:

"Cool site Tony!" - Mom.

About Anthony Melihen

This is my fun site, so why not a little shameless self promotion...  My education and ever-growing experiences has led my career choices through a maze of blessings, good lessons, and opportunities. Today, my world is all about communications and marketing - and I mean just about everything there-in: all aspects of marketing that increase competitiveness, data mining and research, advertising design and development, responding to market perceptions, adding to market share, public relations, sales support, shoestring budgeting, staff management, and general market related commercial operations. The software company I work for has helped me specialize my technology marketing skills. To keep me somewhat down to earth, I devote some of my time to a range of interests and activities, including woodworking, golf, squash, softball, hockey, writing (fiction and non-fiction), volunteer work, and, my latest obsession, scuba diving and amateur marine archeology. 

Contact Information

This is just the beginning of what I hope is a very good start, but if you have any thoughts, suggestions, questions, or comments, please drop a line or two! Send your email to: webmaster@winecellartimes.com




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