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Welcome To My Scuba Diving Playground

It's my newest hobby, scuba diving! And not only is it a fun sport, but it's also a relaxing and very social sport. Odd to think of diving as a social activity considering you can't talk for minutes or sometimes hours, but then again, there is a lot to see and talk about when you surface. And you never dive alone...

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I'm also discovering that there is a lot of history resting underneath our waters, particularly in Southern Ontario. There is a real passion for recreational divers to explore these deep resting time-capsules but we don't always place underwater exploration (primarily but not entirely restricted to ship wrecks) within a larger and more formal historical perspective. I look forward to adding some of my thoughts and experiences in the near future.

Most of all, and if everything continues to go well, I'll be adding some dive stories of my own here, as well as some useful scuba links, my personal opinions about equipment, retailer information, and eventually some photos. I'll also document my experiences as a novice diver for anyone interested in taking up the sport.







Remember: Dive Smart, Dive Safe, Have Fun!



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