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Fast Facts:

Pelee Island Winery is Canada's largest estate winery and is in the nation's most southerly grape-growing region
Operating since 1979
Offers on-line sales of wine and gift items via their web site and 1-800 number
Tours are available, plenty of things to do and see
Pelee Island's geographic location south of the 42nd parallel, roughly the same latitude as the wine regions of the Napa Valley, California, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany and France

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Why Pelee? It's quite simple: I tried, I liked! Affordable wines, a local favorite, and a large variety of choices! So I took a closer look and hope you will too!

Pelee Island is only a short ferry ride away from the northern shore of Lake Erie and enjoys a climate not typically thought of as "Canadian". Comfortably warm (for most Canadians anyway) throughout most of the year,  with weather fairly moderated by the lake and regular southern winds, Pelee Island offers a suprisingly productive climate with clean air, good soil, and an abundant and well regulated water supply for grape growing. And they take full advantage of it.

Approximately 150 permanent residents share their lives with the grapevines on the island's 11,000 acres. The Pelee Island Winery currently takes up approximately 500 acres of vineyards. Tourism is a popular second industry here, with clear roads for bicycling, tours of the winery, and romantic evening views to enjoy on a weekend getaway for two. There are even local scuba diving opportunities! Over 250 ships have sunk in the Pelee Passage. A large number of wrecks in the area are less than 80 feet deep, making them accessible to most sport divers.

Care for the vines is an all-time high concern on the island, a mission shared by everyone it seems. Even the local restaurant and bread and breakfast owners, on the island and on shore, prominently display their Pelee wines on their dinner menus and are quite knowledgeable about each Pelee lable. It seems the entire island population has adopted a total marketing approach to producing the very wines that the local economy greatly depends upon, and it shows in the quality of the product. Naturally, maximizing the yield is as important as quality control due to the limited space and the growing demand for these wines, especially in Canada. As word spreads around the world, they better be ready to bottle every drop!

Look for a review of several Pelee wines coming soon on this web site!

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